Pet Sitting

When you choose us, you know that your pets are being treated just like members of our family!

Pet Sitting

Pet Sitting | Bainbridge Pet Salon - Bainbridge, GA

You don’t want to leave your pet home alone all day long. Pets get lonely. Whether you are going to work, attending school, or have other obligations that take you away from home, you don’t want your pet to be left alone for longer than necessary.

Our pet sitting service ensures that your loved companion is not left to its own devices for hours on end. When you use Bainbridge Pet Salon to care for your pet right here in Bainbridge, GA, you know that it is kept active and engaged while you are away.

Pet sitting is the perfect option for:

• Puppies—You shouldn’t deny yourself a puppy simply because you have to work. We can watch your puppy during the day, and we will even help your little one learn basic skills.

• Sick Pets—No one wants to experience the stress of leaving a sick pet at home. Medication schedules can be cumbersome for people who have obligations outside of the home. Don’t skip your pet’s doses! We are happy to give your pet the medication that it needs.

• Senior Pets—As your dog ages, it may lose the ability to control its bladder and bowels. Don’t punish your dog by locking it in a cage all day. Our pet sitting service is the perfect solution.

• All Pets—At the end of the day, pet sitting is beneficial to all pets. Imagine your pet being able to play and enjoy its day while you are at work, school, or otherwise engaged.

Pet sitting makes sense for every pet, no matter its age. From puppies to seniors; healthy dogs to those that need special care; we have the experience that it takes to keep your pet safe and happy while you take care of life. Call Bainbridge Pet Salon today for a reservation!

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