Pet Grooming

When you choose us, you know that your pets are being treated just like members of our family!

Pet Grooming

Pet Grooming | Bainbridge Pet Salon - Bainbridge, GA

You want your dog to look its best, and so do we!

Our pet grooming service will not only make your dog look amazing, but we can also make your dog more comfortable. When your dog’s fur is unkempt, your dog does not feel as good as it should. Mats and tangles are irritating to your dog’s skin, and too-long facial hair can impede your dog’s vision.

When you choose Bainbridge Pet Salon in Bainbridge, GA for your pet grooming needs, this is what you can expect:

• Comb Out—We will comb out your dog’s fur with the right tools. We do this to remove dirt, debris and tangles from your dog’s coat.

• Grooming—Once your dog’s fur has been combed out, we will cut your dog’s hair into a style that you choose.

• Bathing—After your dog’s coat has been clipped, we will treat it to an amazing bath. Our pet grooming service includes a soothing shampoo and, if necessary, a cream rinse.

• Toe Nail Clipping—No pet grooming service is complete without a proper toe nail trimming. We can also file your dog’s nails.

• Ear Cleaning—We are happy to clean your dog’s ears for you. We will alert you to any unusual build up, odor or discharge.

We offer a variety of packages that suit both you and your dog. We are always happy to offer any service on its own or in conjunction with another. Whether your dog needs a weekly bath or a monthly groom, we are the perfect choice.

Contact Bainbridge Pet Salon today to book an appointment. Our professional groomer is excited to have the chance to meet you and your dog! With a single groomer, we are able to give your dog the attention it deserves. Call now!

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