Pet Boarding

When you choose us, you know that your pets are being treated just like members of our family!

Pet Boarding

Pet Boarding | Bainbridge Pet Salon - Bainbridge, GA

Would you rather have your pet boarded in a jail-like kennel or in someone’s home? If you are like us, you would choose someone’s home.

Large kennels will undoubtedly take excellent care of your dog. But will these large kennels be able to give your pet the personal attention that it deserves? The answer to that question is no. It’s not because they don’t want to, it’s because they are simply unable to.

When you choose Bainbridge Pet Salon in Bainbridge, GA for your pet boarding needs, your dog is kept in a home environment and spoiled rotten! Here’s what we offer your dog while you are away:

• Security—Your dog will be as safe and secure with us as it is with you.

• Unlimited Cuddles—If your pet loves cuddles, we are happy to provide them. Large pet boarding facilities can’t give your dog the number of hugs that we can!

• Food—When you bring your dog’s food with you, you know that your dog won’t experience digestive issues.

• Play—Tell us what your dog likes to do for fun and we’ll do it. From playing fetch to tugging on a rope, we are happy to play your dog’s favorite games.

• Exercise—We have a huge backyard available for your dog. Your pet will get all of the exercise it needs while you’re away.

Pet boarding facilities have the best of intentions, but they aren’t able to offer the personalized services that Bainbridge Pet Salon can. If you need to make use of our pet boarding services, we recommend that you call several weeks in advance to book a reservation. Contact us now!

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